The Best Hunting Rangefinder Reviewed

A decent chasing rangefinder can mean the contrast between your next huge trophy—or going home with practically nothing!

To abstain from stalling out in the forested areas with a flop, it’s vital to do the examination before you make a buy. Despite the fact that rangefinders all play out a similar undertaking—figuring the separation between the client and a protest in the viewfinder—distinctive models differ in their exactness, highlights, and capacities. Range Finder Now has some great reviews on rangefinders.

We took a gander at probably the most mainstream models among seekers today, hunting down the models that convey best in the territories that tally. We scoured web journals, audit destinations, and online retailer appraisals to figure out which models and brands work best, all things considered, applications. At last, we’ve concocted a couple of awesome models to prescribe to you! We’re certain they’re the best alternatives available, and our inside and out surveys will demonstrate to you why!

1. Leupold 112179 RX-1200i TBR W/DNA

This Leupold RX-1200i is the successor to the enormously famous Leupold 112179 RX-1000I TBR. The RX-1000I was an amazingly decent rangefinder in its own particular right, and this new model includes some additional range and a couple of savvy configuration changes. The Leupold is minimized, exact, and unequivocally made. It’s our best suggestion for general seekers.


There are few models underneath a thousand dollars that can contend with the Leupold RX-1200i regarding exactness. Proficient analyzers and analysts are practically consistent in saying that the Leupold’s exact readings were conveyed speedier than some other model they had ever utilized. It’s evaluated out to 1250 yards.

Obviously, a few eyepieces admission well in the lab, yet less in the forested areas. That is not the situation with the Leupold! It’s truly outstanding available with regards to common sense and genuine usefulness. It’s anything but difficult to utilize, has a splendid, neat show, and gives superb permeability and precise readings in practically any condition.

We can’t say enough in regards to this current model’s perfectly clear optics, including the inside LED show. The inside readings can be altered for light level at various circumstances of the day, so this unit can be utilized from daybreak until nightfall. It works sensationally well and gives you fantastic permeability.

It has 6X amplification, so you can see unmistakably out to the furthest reaches of the unit’s going abilities. With completely multicoated focal points, the 1200 opponents a considerable measure of extensions for its reasonable, splendid picture transmission.

You’ll have three unique reticles to browse: Plus Point, Duplex, and Duplex with Plus Point.

Quick concentration eyepieces make for simple, precise field changes.

The Scan mode keeps targets bolted and gives you continuous range refreshes without you adjusting on the fly.

Notwithstanding the exceedingly valuable True Ballistic Range adding machine, the RX-1000 I likewise accompanies an inclinometer, which can modify readings to represent slants. This component gives you the point of your shot, and afterward, gives you a readout to enable you to alter for your degree without doing any mystery. This model additionally gives you a chance to pick between the TBR and typical LOS (viewable pathway) modes, so you can pick which one works best for each shot.

As far as accuracy, this present one’s great to 1/tenth of a yard. Just the Leica beats it!

The assemble is the quality that clients have generally expected from Leupold, and it’s uncommon to see one with such a large number of highlights in such a conservative bundle. This thing is genuinely solid and can survive a sound measure of manhandling and cruel climate on a chasing trip—including a tumble from a tree stand. Analyzers have dropped it a lot of times, in some cases from as high as 20 feet, and the gadget had made due with no observable harm.

We’re extremely awed by the reasonable, brilliant optics of this model, notwithstanding when concentrated on objects at the further end of the RX-1200i’s scope of 1000 yards. Readings are quick and precise, because of Leupold’s DNA programming.

Likely the most engaging and extraordinary element, be that as it may, is the True Ballistic Range adding machine of the Leupold (consequently the TBR part of the name).

The TBR include enables clients to adjust for the ballistics and direction for many distinctive rifle cartridges in view of seven pre-stacked gatherings. This most recent adaptation includes two new ballistic gathering zeros at 200 and 300 yards.

This element additionally works with bows for around 124 yards.

The OLED show and lithium-particle battery keep going for a significantly long time in the field, so runtime isn’t an issue in the smallest. The show is hued for permeability, and we’ve discovered that it’s exceptionally clear in all conditions.

Despite the fact that it’s little and lightweight, the development of this unit is sufficiently rough to deal with any cruel condition. It likewise accompanies a conveying case that you can connect to your belt.


This elite alternative isn’t the most costly model available today, yet there are numerous others sold at a large portion of the cost. For genuine seekers, the RX-1200i is definitely justified even despite the cash, however unpracticed or intermittent seekers may need not have any desire to focus on the speculation.

Moreover, this is a genuine seeker’s apparatus. It’s pressed with loads of highlights, and in case you’re not an enthusiastic, standard seeker, you may never get to every one of them. Regardless they’ll drive up the cost, however, and influence the figuring out how to bend somewhat more extreme. So on the off chance that you are searching for a straightforward, cheap model, or this is your first rangefinder buy, you might need to consider a portion of the more stripped-down, more affordable choices.

It can require a significant stretch of time to figure out the show and codes. There aren’t generally any full words on the show, so you need to take in the Leupold shorthand for everything. We believe it’s sufficiently simple to adjust, yet a few people may need something with to a lesser extent an expectation to learn and adapt in advance.

Not at all like Leupold scopes, it’s not made in the USA.


The Leupold RX-1200i is our most loved model generally speaking, for its conservative, lightweight plan, and mid-extend cost. In spite of the fact that it’s not the most capable model available, as far as execution and quality, the RX-1200i more than overwhelms its value section. We prescribe it to the normal seeker who needs something proficient and exact without spending a fortune on the Leica.